Why Partner with Us

“The innovation deficit in current outsourcing relationships represents a huge opportunity lost. Organizations need to focus their precious resources on what they do best in order to innovate on their core competencies. The role of the smartsourcing partner in this context is that of a trusted advisor and executive-level team member with shared values and shared integrity, rather than simply that of a contractor for-hire. Smartsourcing helps you to refocus your business on its core mission and competencies which have always been the core that separates the leaders from the laggards in any industry.”1

At some point you may have asked, why should we use a search service? After all, if you had unlimited time and tools, you could do what we do. But in today’s environment, no company has unlimited resources. Business leaders and hiring managers are wearing more hats than ever. Outsourcing has been a solution for many. But we think outsourcing is a shortsighted fix as it focuses solely on the cost benefit aspect of resourcing talent.

18/2006 Forbes.com interview with Tom Koulopoulos, founder and CEO of the Delphi Group